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Venue DI Effects loop question

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  • Venue DI Effects loop question


    I'm thinking a venue DI would be a good addition to my gigging rig, but I wanted to ask a question about the effects loop - is it muted when you engage the tuner?

    The reason I ask is that I have a delay/looper that I intend to use to loop 'incidental' passages of music between songs, but want to be able to leave the loop going, hit the tuner, swap guitar or tuning, and still have the loop going and audible to the audience.

    It says in the manual that the tuner 'mutes all outputs' so I'm assuming I can't do this unless I run the delay/looper AFTER the Venue on the line out (which kinda defeats the DI aspect)...

    Anyone able to help?

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    Hi Jack,
    The Venue does mute all outputs when the Tuner in on. So you would have to bypass the Tuner by adding your looper to the chain after the 1/4" output.