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Fylde Octavious bouzouki pickup

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  • Fylde Octavious bouzouki pickup

    I've got a para di that I'm using for my mandolin with a Radius M and fretted dulcimer with and LR Baggs underbridge. What are your recommendations for a Fylde Octavious bouzouki pickup? I'd like to minimize holes in the bouzouki if possible, but am looking for the best option. I play in an Irish band, Mayde in Ireland, and have historically been schwacked when attempting to be miced externally; so, what's my options?

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    That's a fine looking instrument. I would be interested in knowing the distance between the outermost strings as well as the total length of the saddle. Also, if you have any knowledge of the soundboard's bracing pattern, it may be helpful for determining viable pickup options.


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      In the area of the sound hole/end of the fretboard, the maximum string distance is about 1 3/4" or 4.5cm. As far as the bracing goes, above the sound hole, there's a 1/2" or so block of wood under the end of the neck that extends up as far as I can reach in. There's two pieces of wood that appear to parallel each other and run along side the block of wood under the neck and extend down towards the bridge. These stringers are about 3/4" high x 5/16" in thickness. Under the sound hole, there are two additional stringers that meet at about a 90 degree angle that measure about 1/2" high and 5/16" deep. There's also a small reinforcement block of wood under the sound hole that's about 3/16" high and 1/2" deep. I sent off an email to Fylde after I posted here, and Roger Bucknall was kind enough to provide a couple of expeditious recommendations. I guess there's a benefit for him living on the other side of the Atlantic: I can post a question as I'm heading to bed, and, when I wake up, there's some possible solutions. That is, of course, thanks to his quick response!!


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        I'm sorry to say I was not able to make out the bracing pattern from the measurements and locations you described.

        I can say that the majority of our products are designed to work in a certain way on specific instruments and that we have not developed a pickup system for bouzouki. While it may be possible to apply an LR Baggs pickup or system to your instrument, it may not be as good a result as something more compatible with or designed for the instrument in question.

        Because we do not make a pickup specific to bouzouki, I suggest you investigate this option from Pick-Up The World: