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  • Anthem Impedance?


    I’m trying to understand my guitar setup a little better. I have a guitar with the Anthem system and I have an AER Compact 60. The AER have an input impedance of “2.2 Meg” (

    My questions:
    Do I need to use a Para DI between the guitar and the AER for best result?
    What is the output impedance for the Anthem system?
    I have to set the gain to 100% (max) on channel 1 on the AER, is that usual?

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    Hi Harry,
    The Anthem is a Low Impedance pickup (about 650Ohms), but it does also have a lower output than a lot of other active pickup systems. So the fact that you have to crank your amp is not entirely unusual. The Para DI is not necessary for your setup for Impedance reasons, but if would definitely help you to maximize the amount of gain you are able to get from your amp.


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      So, then I have bought the Para DI and tried it out. Yes, it increases the input to the AER to a much higher level, and that’s good. But it also increases the “hiss” (whit noise).

      Do other experience that the Anthem has more “hiss” than other systems?
      How much “hiss” is normal in the anthem system?
      What is the usual gain setting on the Para DI? It seems to me that I can set the gain to 100% without any distortion, is this normal?


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        Where is the Volume set on your Anthem preamp? From there, where are the Gain and Volume set on the Venue? And how many LED's are you getting on the VU? This should tell me how your Gain is staged, and if you are getting an abnormal amount of hiss.

        The Venue's line output Impedance is 200Ohms, and the DI out is 600Ohms. Both outputs are fully compatible with the AER's input Impedance at 2.2MOhms.


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          I have the AER Compact 60 and a stagepro anthem. And I have the problem with low output power also. I have an other pic up system (shaddow) in use with AER and it works well. The output level is higher than the level of stagepro anthem. The sensitivity of the AER is 22 mV. There are two questions to Caleb_Elling:
          1. What is the maximum output level of stagepro and can you higher it with further development?
          2. What amplifier do you recommend for stagpro anthem instead of AER or what low-noise appropriate intermediate amplifier is suitable to increase the output level of the stage pro?

          Thanks for an answer.


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            The Anthem systems do have a lower output compared to many other active pickup systems. It is something that had to be done in the design to keep the noise level in the system to a minimum. So it will probably not change, even if further modifications are made to the design, which isn't very likely either.

            It's hard to recommend an amp, when the best sound from the Anthem will always be achieved with a full range PA system. If you really need an amp, then you might want to pair an extra preamp with it to get a better sound. Something like the Para DI usually helps the Anthem sound better through amps and PA systems alike.