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  • Imix Notch System Larrivee

    I have a Larrivee LV-09 with a Baggs Imix Notch Dual Source pickup with Element and IBeam.
    Problem is when I pop the Preamp out to change the battery it wouldnt lock back in.
    Is there any fix for this or does it have to be replaced? Is this common for this preamp?
    I wedged a small piece of velcro on the side of the preamp which seems to work. But the battery light stays on.

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    I regret to say the pop-out preamps came with a higher potential for physical issues due to the number of moving parts. While not a common problem, it was not as rare as we would have liked.

    We designed the Stagepro format preamps to be free of the kind of issues the "Notch" model preamps could encounter and the battery holder mechanism is much simpler in contrast.

    Because the Anthem crossover mixing circuit was already in development, we did not design an iMIX version of the Stagepro but there is now an Anthem version.

    Here are links to both:

    Stagepro Element -

    Stagepro Anthem -

    How long have you had the iMIX-Notch system in your Larrivee?