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Anthem SL Classical for 7 string nylon guitar?

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  • Anthem SL Classical for 7 string nylon guitar?

    Hi - I'd like to install the Anthem SL Classical in my classical 7 string guitar. 2 questions:

    What is the active length of the undersaddle element? my string spacing in total width at the saddle is 71mm/2.8inches.

    A reviewer (Kai at GSI) said that the undersaddle deals with most of the low frequencies, and the mic adds air and handles some of the upper frequencies. Can the undersaddle deal with the pitches of the low 7 string, which can be tuned as low as low A, an octave below the 5th string open A?

    Thanks so much!

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    no idea how the Easy Web response applies to my question. Sorry.. is it computer generated? Anyway, anyone know the active length of the undersaddle element and the frequency range of the anthem mic?


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      Easyweb has been removed for spamming and off-topic posts.

      The Element's active sensor is 3.4" in length so it may work well in your 7-string classical.

      What is the total length of the saddle and is the slot milled through from end to end allowing the saddle to slide completely through?


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        Bryan - thanks for responding. Yes, the saddle slot is milled through, and the width of the strings is less than 3", so it sounds like there is plenty of active element to work with.
        Do you know the frequency range of the pickup? Would I have any issues with the low notes of the 7 string? I'm guessing not, since I've never heard of a pickup that has a range limit like that.


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          Regarding the frequency range of the Element pickup and the endpin preamp, the Anthem-SL has been confirmed as a viable choice for acoustic bass guitars. The Element transducer is doing all the work in the low frequencies and works quite well to a bit below the low E on a bass. The system may have a little trouble passing the low B frequency of a 5-string a bass, though, but should work very well on the 7-string classical guitar.


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            I have an 8 string classical which has a SBT in it so your posting is of particular interest to me. I have been hoping install the anthem classical pickup ito replace the SBT. I am pleased with the anthem pickup I have installed in my steel string. I was able to find plenty of sound examples of the anthem for steel string but have found examples of the anthem classical hard to come by. Would you know where I could find examples of the anthem classical? If you have installed the anthem in your 7 string classical , have you been pleased?