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Can I install X-Bridge without installing the Control-X?

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  • Can I install X-Bridge without installing the Control-X?

    Hi guys.. I was wondering if I can install only the X-Bridge without the Control-X? can the X-Bridge can stand alone and it'll still produce acoustic sound and can i still use the pick-up guitar and the the X-Bridge Seperately.. Tnx.. ur responce is much appreciated.. Tnx.. I'm planning to put the X-bridge to my Yamaha Pacifica Pac212VFM.. Tnx again..

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    The CTRL-X is optional and the X-Bridge can be installed in the guitar without it. For best results without using the CTRL-X, we highly recommend connecting the X-Bridge signal to a buffering preamp circuit with a high impedance input. The X-Bridge is supplied with a TRS output jack allowing the magnetic and piezo signals to be accessed on separate contacts. Using an insert cable, you can send each signal to its own signal path.

    LR Baggs offers these three external preamps that will serve the X-Bridge signal:

    Venue DI -
    Para Acoustic DI -
    Gigpro -
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