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Ibanez AW3000CEWC with LR Baggs endpin pickup (EAS-VTC)

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  • Bryan McManus
    Hi Scott,

    With the earliest of the EAS-VTC systems, the effect of the tone control was very subtle, such that some players thought it wasn't working. A change was made that increased the effect of the tone control.

    Since you said you would have a look at the preamp, please relay the serial number from the small white sticker on the circuit board. I can investigate whether it is from before or after that revision.

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  • hdelano1
    Thanks for the info...

    Thanks Bryan.
    I appreciate that information.

    I have re-examined the situation and it does seem to be working, but it is very subtle compared to some other preamps I have used.

    I'll take a look at the VTC board too. I have worked as an electronics tech for many years, but have now moved to a management job.
    I'll get out the illuminated magnifier take a look at the VTC board and check for any questionable solder joints on the surface mount caps (if my old eyes can still detect such fine detail).
    I have worked on boards with surface mounted components but it has been a few years.

    Take care,
    Scott Holland
    Lowell, NC

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  • Bryan McManus
    The tone control only affects the Element signal and should work whether or not there is an auxiliary signal.

    There is a very small surface-mount capacitor on the VTC control board. There is a possibility a solder joint broke, preventing the cap's effect on the signal. If the cap is disconnected or has failed, the tone control should have no effect.

    If there is a good electronics tech in your locale, one that perhaps repairs modern amplifiers and/or effects pedals, they could probably check that for you.

    Otherwise, the system could be sent to us for testing and service under warranty. Please call 805-929-3545 and ask for technical support if you'd like to make those arrangements or if you have further questions.

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  • Ibanez AW3000CEWC with LR Baggs endpin pickup (EAS-VTC)


    I have a new Ibanez Artwood Guitar that comes with the EAS-VTC installed. I don't seem to get a tome change while adjusting the tone control at the edge of the soundhole.
    I read in the manual that you can add an additional pickup by soldering the leads to a couple of pads on the endpin assembly. Is this when the tone control becomes active, to say balance between the under-bridge and a soundboard microphone? Or should it be working with just the LR Baggs underbridge pickup that comes with the EAS-VTC?

    North Carolina