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Sound examples of Anthem for Classical guitar

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  • Sound examples of Anthem for Classical guitar

    Please let me know where I can hear sound examples of the Anthem for Classical guitar. I found a few examples on line but they featured flamenco guitar. I can hear that the anthem reflects the bright punchy sound of a flamenco guitar very well. Will it reflect the warmer smoother sound of a classical guitar?

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    This may be the recording that you were referring to, but it is the only one that I know of for the Anthem SL Classical (at the moment):

    In my opinion, the Anthem SL Classical is the best representation of a classical guitar. I don't play Flamenco guitar, and I love the way the pickup sounds when I play it.


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      Hi, any update on this one?
      I am now in the same situation, with a classical E4 Ramirez.

      Several people have been recommending me L.R.Baggs as the best products to amplify my Ramirez classical guitar.
      I am aiming to play bossa nova using a nylon string Classical Ramirez and sound like this:

      0:00 Águas de Março5:23 Undiú12:00 Na Baixa do Sapateiro16:44 Avarandado21:14 Falsa Baiana24:59 Eu Quero um Samba29:45 Eu Vim da Bahia35:37 Valsa (Como são L...

      Which one would you recommend buying§?

      L.R.Baggs Anthem Nylon Classical Guitar

      or L.R.Baggs Anthem Classical

      orL.R. Baggs Lyric Acoustic

      I also only heard flamenco/classical demonstrations and am wondering if this will work with the bossa sound (warmer, more bass, less shine)

      Best Regards


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        Hey Makuma,
        I replied to your email a while ago. I'm sorry I didn't see your question here.

        Typically, email is a much quicker way to reach us.

        If you have any further questions, please let me know.


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          Just for anyone else who may be reading this, the Lyric Classical and the Anthem SL Classical are both equally suited for Flamanco, Bosa, and other playing styles. Choosing the Lyric or the Anthem for any given instrument is more a matter of each player's needs and personal preferences.

          I recommended the Anthem SL Classical to makuma, because of it's ability to perform well in a wide variety of situations, which include his street performances through a small amplifier.


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            Thats great, I have been watching all kinds of review and it all came down to.

            LR Baggs Anthem-SL Classical Guitar
            L.R.Baggs Anthem Classical
            L.R.Baggs Lyric Microphone Classical

            Caleb, final question. Why the Anthem-SL Classical Guitar and not Anthem Classical?


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              We do not actually make a regular Anthem Classical, only the SL Classical. Most Classical guitars are braced in a way that makes using the regular Anthem preamp very difficult, if not impossible to install. The SL format works much better in Classical style guitars.


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                Yes, I see the shape. Makes sense. Thank you. Sorry to bother you so much. I am making my purchase now with much more confidance.

                all the best!