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PUTW Quack Buster on Anthem SL classical?

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  • PUTW Quack Buster on Anthem SL classical?


    I installed recently a Anthem SL classical on my admira guitar, i am quite happy with it, but depending on the PA i still get some sound that i would call quacky, sharp or electric. i know my playing is mostly responsible of, as i usually strum heavily in a manouche style near the bridge. so i ends up turning down the treble and do some EQ with the padi to try to cut the quacky sound...
    so here is my question, does the anthem sl classical presets totally turn off the UST in the mid treble? (if its the case the quacky sound might not come from the element.)
    if no, is it possible to install the PUTW quack buster on the element part? (and is it a good idea?)



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    I'm not too familiar with the Quackbuster, but I think this might be easily solved by simply adjusting the mic gain. The mic gain is the small set-screw next to the volume wheel. Turning it down can cut out a lot of harshness in the pickup signal. Setting the mic gain is crucial for getting a balanced sound from any of the Anthem systems. Having the mic gain too low can make it sound flat and lifeless, and having it too high can make it sound harsh and treble heavy.

    Adjustments to this screw should be done with a jewelers size flat-head screwdriver.