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LR Baggs m1 + PARA DI or VENUE DI

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  • LR Baggs m1 + PARA DI or VENUE DI

    Hello Friends!
    I have a question in a title. I have a LR Baggs m1 and I can't make a choice between PARA DI and VENUE DI. I know that m1 is a passive pickup and needs a preamp station. Can PARA DI carry out preamp function? Or it's only DI without preamp function? And what will you advise to me?
    Thank you (and sorry for mistakes - I'm not english-talking)

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    Hi Leo,

    I think any Direct Inject box (Active - meaning with a battery or can be powered via Phantom Power) can achieve this. My friend uses a passive LB6 pickup which suffered a low output volume because it was passive, I suggested getting an active DI box, any brand would do. He got a Behringer DI and Boom! It brought out everything. His volume increased and tone dramatically improved. Now, why get a Para DI or Venue? Because both can act as DI's, they are made by the same company that made your pickup so it would be a best match scenario and lastly, they just look so cool . The Para DI and Venue will bring up the M1 volume and also clarity and all but they have the parametric equalizers, notch filters that no other DI boxes carry. I have the Venue DI and love it. Although I am using an Ibeam active and don't need the volume/clarity boost, I love all the other features of the Venue DI. The Para DI is great for what I think you may need, a volume boost and additional functions for tone shaping and anti feedback if you need it. If your playing style requires you to solo, you may need a boost, get the Venue, if it is purely rhythm and support, get the Para DI.

    Hope I was able to help.



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      I myself am considering on getting the Para DI. I will use it for my Ibeam active, just for Eq. The anti feedback is a great feature too. Also, there are places where the mixer is just too far and so I need to connect to an XLR mic and the Para DI will do this for me. I am planning on upgrading my system to the Imix and so will use the Element pick up with my Venue DI. Kinda excited about the sonic possibilities already.


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        Oh, of course Loran your message will help me with a correct choice. In my country it's difficult enough to buy production of LR Baggs... My m1 pickup was the last one (!!!) among shops where it's possible to buy in my country. It's a little sad, because If I want to buy Venue (I want to play solo and rhythm) to me it will be difficult to make it in my country... and the main internet-shops accept orders "for special conditions" for Russia... But I need to try (for the great sound)! ;-)

        Thank you Loran for your answer! It's really help me! ;-)


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          They both have strong points.

          Both units have LR Baggs' clean and quiet proprietary input/gain circuit. The Para DI has a gain range of +6 to +26 while the Venue DI is able to attenuate with a range of -12 to +26.

          Both units have 5-band EQ with two tunable bands. The Para DI's are Notch(works much like a low-mid) and Mid and the Venue DI's are labeled Low-Mid and High-Mid. The two EQs are tuned a bit differently, the Venue DI being the update.

          Both units have phase invert switch and a master volume control. The Venue DI's volume control doesn't affect the XLR output while the Para DI's does.

          Both units have an FX Loop. The Para DI's is a single TRS insert jack and the loop is pre-EQ. The Venue DI sports separate send and return jacks and its loop is post-EQ.

          The Venue has the following features the Para DI doesn't:

          Ground lift on the balanced XLR output. This makes the Venue DI the choice if you wish to send your signal to two destinations without risk of ground loop hum.

          The Garrett Null filter, a notch filter proprietary to LR Baggs that lets you put a deep cut on a narrow bandwidth anywhere in its frequency range, providing effective feedback control for most acoustic instruments independent of the EQ section.

          VU meter that inverts to display the battery check status.

          On-board digital tuner with large bright display for dark or daylight stages. Foot-switch engages mute when tuning and remains muted when tuner shuts itself off after approximately 3 minutes.

          Foot-switchable master volume boost up to +9dB.

          The Para DI works on 9V battery(200+hours) or +48V phantom power. The Venue DI works on 9V battery(average 40 hours, depending on tuner usage) or AC adapter. We recommend the 1-Spot.

          Tough choice, I know. I have a Para DI and I'm saving up for a Venue now.