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  • Anthem & Venue DI

    Hi all,

    I have a Martin D41 and when gigging I connect it to a cheap Zoom A2.1u pedal to use as a tuner and a DI.

    I have an LR Baggs Anthem installed in the axe and I have just ordered a Venue DI.

    This is probably a stupid question, but with all the EQ settings to play around with on the Venue - what should I set the EQ to on my guitar channel on the mixer
    at gigs? i.e. should the highs, mids and lows be all set to 12 o clock on the mixer and then dial in the EQ settings that I want on the Venue?

    Also, excuse my ignorance but I presume the Venue is going to provide me with some benefits over the cheap pedal that I'm using at the moment?

    (sorry I don't know much about preamps, DI's, etc - I just have the Anthem and Venue based on great reviews!!)

    Thanks guys!!

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    The Venue's EQ is much more specific to acoustic instruments than most mixing console EQs. So I usually set the mixer EQ to noon, and make my adjustments at the Venue. Then if my sound man needs to adjust from the board, he has more control.


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      I have a Venue that I use in many PA configurations. The EQ on the Venue is your sound. The EQ on the PA is the room sound. Start with your Venue settings to get the sound and EQ how you want for your guitar. Send a hot signal to the PA-be sure the signal leds are pumping, but not pegged red. Any EQ at that point from the main PA will be for the room. Venue is very sensitive and you can really dial in your sound. Be sure to send a hot signal to the PA.