Hi There, I have had a bought the Baggs Acoustic Para DI. I have the following problem: Can anyone oblige with some help please, Thomann have not replied to me at all over my problems..?

!) (No battery installed Phantom power only)

When I connect the Para DI to my M-Audio C400 interface (xlr) to get the phantom power supply, the Phantom power alert green light does not come on, but the red power light does come on. The Baggs seems to work, but no green phantom power alert light at all. M-Audio has told me that the M-Audio C400 provides a full 48V phantom supply. So why won't the green phantom alert come on I need an answer to this as I will return the unit if I can not find out why no green light

2) Is there a site/link for getting better details on how to set up your acoustic using the 5 EQ settings, I have an on board LR Baggs eq and piezo fitted to my acoustic do I set them flat etc ... etc etc

Thanks in advance for any help

Kind regards

Alan Mullin