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Using Control-X mixing magnetic and "normal" piezo Pickup?

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  • Using Control-X mixing magnetic and "normal" piezo Pickup?

    Hi there
    I have to electrify a resonator dobro for a customer. He wants a Gretsch-style Filtertron close to the fingerboard and a piezo on the cone or the bridge (It's likely gonna be a Fishman Nashville or Classic Pickup)
    Is it possible to use the Ctrl-X for the purpose of mixing the two signals?
    I know that the Ctrl-X is made for a piezobridge in a strat e.g. but i'm curious to hear, whether i could use it for this certain application.
    It's a rather cheap instrument and the customer doesn't care for a battery compartment etc.

    Thanks for your input
    Greetings from Switzerland
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    Hi Riffhai,

    The CTRL-X is designed with a nominal amount of gain(+3dB) applied to the piezo signal by the transistor at its input. That minimal amount of gain means the piezo signal should be considered "high output."

    Ceramic crystal-type piezo sensors usually provide the higher output signals which will be easier to balance with the signal from the magnetic pickup.

    I do not have specs on the output from either of the piezo options you mentioned for the resonator.


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      Did you manage to make it work? Any sound samples?
      Steve Works
      piezoelectric sensors