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  • dual source remote control

    I have an older dual source with a remote control that clamps on with the sound board between the two pieces.
    I saw somewhere that the new dual source remote controls are stick on and mount completely inside the sound hole.
    Can the old version be replaced by the new version simply by unplugging and replugging or are they not compatible?
    Are the new remote controls available separately?

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    Hi Dave,
    The new DS remote does work as a replacement for most of the older ones. Does your DS have a connector cable that detaches from both ends, or does it have a solid connection on one end?


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      It appears to have a connector on the remote control end (cream colored plastic piece) and I assume it has one on the preamp end although I could not see it for sure.
      Would the solid connection be on the remote control end or the preamp end? Would it be an obviouse ribbon cable solder connection or hidden under a plastic piece?


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        The hardwired connection would be at the remote. So your Dual Source is compatible with the new remote. If you give us a call at 805-929-3545, someone can get you a price for the remote upgrade.