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Anthem mic/peizo trim pot adjustment

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  • Anthem mic/peizo trim pot adjustment

    I've just installed Tru-Mic Anthem system in my Gibson J50.
    With the mix level control wheel roll towards the neck,I've been adjusting the relative mic level with the trim pot screw adjuster.
    I'm finding that the most pleasing sound seems to be with trim pot backed right off or at most,only turned clockwise about a quarter
    of a turn.If i turn it up half way, for instance,it tends to sound a bit edgy.
    Can someone please tell me if the mic is engaged at all with the trim pot turned completely anti clockwise ?

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    The Mic should still be engaged at that point. If the overall tone is balanced, and not too bassy or thin, then you should be fine. The edgy sound is definitely from the Mic trim being set too high, but the trim is pretty sensitive. So even minor adjustments can make a big difference in tone.

    Just go with what sounds good/balanced to your ears.


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      Thanks Caleb.I've only done one live gig with the new pickup.But I like the sound so far.I'll just keep tweeking it for different situations.
      And like you say going with what sounds good.