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Anthem Sl seems softer when un pluged

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  • Anthem Sl seems softer when un pluged

    When i play my guitar unplugged it seems softer volume wise now that the Anthem Sl was installed. Plugged in it sounds great. But at home I never plug in.

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    Acoustic output and tone is largely influenced by the direct contact between the saddle and the bottom of the slot it rests in. When you install a pickup, you're placing something other than what those two parts are made of between them and altering the path of string vibration into the soundboard. With nearly any undersaddle pickup, you could expect some effect on the acoustic properties. How noticeable it is can depend on the pickup's design, how well it's installed, how long a player has owned the guitar, whether they've had pickups in it, in other guitars, or have ever used a pickup before at all. A player who decides after years to install a pickup into the one guitar they've owned for a long time will likely notice a change immediately while a player with a collection and who is always swapping pickup between and trying new models may not notice, or not care since they're familiar with the change and expect it.

    A great question to ask ones self when deciding on a pickup system is "how much of the time do I expect to plug in?" If you only plan to amplify on special occasions or less than half the time, it may be better to choose a pickup system that has a lesser effect on the acoustic properties.

    If you're looking for the best amplified sound we can offer, regardless of a small effect on the acoustic output, you've picked the right system.