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    hello, I've been playing a week with the anthem sl classical, and I am very satisfied with the sound. but there are some problems with noise in the guitar body, I think the cables are attached under the soundboard. this solution is not perfect. many hours I've spent to eliminate this problem, but it's not possible, you have an idea? Many thanks

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    Hi Bluis,

    Do you mean the system conveys too much body handling noise or do you mean the cables are loose and knocking against the inside of the guitar?

    If you mean too much handling noise, it can mean the Tru-Mic level is set too high. Another symptom of too much Tru-Mic is a faint high-pitched background hiss and an edgy bite to the higher frequencies, mainly on the B and high E strings.

    Regarding wires attached to the soundboard, it's not common for that to be the case with the Anthem-SL or Anthem-SL-Classical. Wires are more likely to be attached to either the back or the bass side of the body. To check that, you could hold a small mirror in the soundhole to see the reflections of the wires attached. You could also use the mirror to check the setting of the Tru-Mic level trim pot.

    If the symptom is more like handling noise and not like loose or insufficient wire anchoring, lowering the mic level can reduce that by bringing the mic into better balance with the undersaddle transducer.