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PADI not working

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  • PADI not working

    New to this forum, but a long time LR Baggs user.

    I have a PADI that I have used for a number of years every week at my church. Recently it seems to have stopped passing a signal through at all. I don't use a battery, it's powered by the phantom 48V power off the soundboard.
    Is there something I can look at, or can I send it back to LR Baggs to have it repaired? I miss it!


    Monroe, LA

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    Hi Keith,
    Have you tried using a few different XLR cables?


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      Also try the 1/4" output.
      "He Who Sings, Prays Twice."


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        Hi Deadduck,

        The Para DI will power up when supplied phantom power even with nothing plugged into the 1/4" input jack. On battery, you must plug into the input to turn the unit on.

        If the Para DI powers up with either method yet you still get no signal from either the 1/4" or XLR output jacks, here's a troubleshooting tip that can help isolate the issue:

        Plug a guitar cable into the FX Loop jack and check that as an output. If you get a signal from that jack but none from the 1/4" or XLR outputs, it strongly suggests failure of the volume pot on the top, to the right of the XLR jack. Plug the guitar cable back into the 1/4" labeled output and again get no signal, but then push down on and wiggle the volume pot. In many cases, you can temporarily establish an output signal by doing so. You will likely have confirmed that part has worn or been damaged and should install a replacement.