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Preamp for NS Design NXT Cello

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  • Preamp for NS Design NXT Cello

    Hey there, new to this forum. As you can see.

    I've recently purchased a new NXT cello from NS Design, ( ) and I'm trying to juggle up which preamp I should get. (Either the Venue DI or the Gigpro)

    I'll be using it to play at home, and also at my church through either the PA or my bass cab. Yet to decide.

    Your help would be much appreciated!

    Thanks heaps, Miles.

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    Hey Miles,
    It really depends on how many features you will be needing. If you just need a preamp to boost your signal and give you minimal amounts of EQ ability, the Gigpro would definitely do the job. If, however, you'd like a balanced signal out and more extensive EQ I would recommend the Venue. With the Venue you are also getting a tuner and the boost switch.