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Change from RTS II to Anthem, what to expect?

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  • Change from RTS II to Anthem, what to expect?

    I own a McPherson 3.5 with an RTS II pup.

    I have been considering having it changes to an Anthem SL. I have been happy with the RTS II but everything I read about the Anthem makes me wonder if the tone and presence of my guitar will benefit from the switch.

    Thoughts, comments, suggestions?

    Uncle Mike

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    Hey Uncle Mike,

    I will respond as one who uses the Anthem SL. Over the years I have tried many available pickups, including many by Baggs. The Anthem has been the best to this point without an external mic and heavy processing. I believe McPherson uses a ribbon tranducer (undersaddle pickup). There is no way that pickup can compete with the Anthem or Anthem SL in both brilliance and warmth. It also sounds more like my actual guitar than anything I have used.

    Hope that helps.


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      Hi Fearless,

      I ordered the Anthem SL last week for my new Taylor DN8, I play in a trio band (2 acoustics and dummer), we typically get loud in some of our gigs and I am concern about feedback. Have you experienced any feedback or heard about the Anthem SL in a loud band setting having feedback?



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        Thanks for your input. What you are saying seems to be the consensus from what I hear.

        I think that the installation should be fairly straight forward due to the fact that the McPherson already has the RTS II installed. The Strap Jack hold is the same, and the bridge is already drilled.

        Before jumping in and ordering the Anthem SL, I figured I would ask for opinions.


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          You're welcome Uncle Mike.
          Ronny, no more feedback prone than any undersaddle. The low end (250 hz) and below is handled by the undersaddle and the mic everything else. At high levels you may need to dial out the resonant frequency of your guitar. Again, no more than any other undersaddle pickup. Have had no issues with the mic.
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            Hey Fearless,
            Thanks for your input! Just to clarify (I know I'm getting picky(no pun intended)) the pickup carries up to 250 hz. Our experience is the same as Fearless' experience. That resonant frequency can be taken care of with a notch filter such as the one you would find on the Para DI or Venue DI.



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              Just to clarify (I know I'm getting picky(no pun intended)) the pickup carries up to 250 hz.

              Thanks Christian.
              I have corrected my post.