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Gigpro vs mixpro how to choose?

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  • Gigpro vs mixpro how to choose?

    Hi there, can anyone tell me what's the different between this two gadget and i need suggestion!! Thanks in advance:-)

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    Hi Lerks,
    The Gigpro preamp is a single channel unit with EQ, Trim, Phase Inversion, and Volume. The Mixpro is very similar, but it allows you to plug in two separate signals and blend them together. The two signal can be mics, pickups or a combination of the two. So depending on if you need one channel or two, one of them should be a better fit for your situation.


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      Currently, im using a M80 pickup so I guess there isn't a need to blend am I right? Ok, my main concern is mainly on electric amps. Will these product helps if I encounter a stage WITHOUT acoustic amp? Thanks!


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        The Gigpro should be better for you if you are just using the M80. The Gigpro doesn't have a DI output like the Para DI though, so you would need a passive DI after the Gigpro if you didn't have an amp to plug into.