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iBeam in a Taylor gs mini

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  • iBeam in a Taylor gs mini

    Has anyone put the iBeam in a Taylor gs mini? Does it fit? Sound good?



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    Hi Oldghm,

    The GS-Mini's smaller body is less likely to accommodate the iBeam than other guitars. To be sure, though, you can make a dummy of the iBeam's footprint out of cardboard or scrap wood and see if it will fit with some clearance between the string ball-ends and the X-braces. I'd recommend you have at least 1/8" clearance between the pickup and the braces on one side and the string ball-ends on the other.

    The iBeam is 2 7/8" long and 7/16" wide with rounded corners.


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      Thank you Bryan. I will make a template and take a look at the fit.

      I have the iBeam in a couple of other guitars and just a quick look with a mirror suggests it might make the 1/8" minimum. If not, I have an element on hand.


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        Installed the iBeam in the mini. It fits with a bit of room to spare based on the minimum recommended by Bryan. Very happy with the results. I use Bose L1's and it sounds great through the T1 with the same eq as I use on an iBeam equipped Martin GE D18. I also played it through the PARA DI into a Bose Compact and got excellent sound.

        One problem. The GS mini comes with a detachable strap button to make it easier to install the Taylor pickup. When you remove the button there is a machined recess to allow for a flush fit of the button and / or the Taylor end pin jack, that is not stained. Not too big a deal, the strap covers it. When I have time I will cut a copper washer to fit in the recess.


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          Took the GS mini on a gig Thursday evening. Started the evening with a iBeam equipped D18 GE. About 5 songs into the set switched to the mini and never went back. The little GS works great with the iBeam. I especially like the reproduction of any percussion I do on the guitar top. The taps and rubs are more defined than on the D sized instrument.


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            That's great! I'm glad that the iBeam worked out for you.