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Baggs venue plus fishman sonicore/sonitone

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  • Baggs venue plus fishman sonicore/sonitone


    I have a Martin 000x1AE which has a SONICORE/Sonitone electrics on-board.

    I play,sing and record via a Focusrite 8i6 interface and use Ableton Live as my DAW

    I am thinking of getting the Baggs Venue to improve my acoustic guitar sound.

    Will the Venue perform ok with the Fishman electrics..?

    At the moment I have a Fishman Pro EQ Platinum, which has helped somewhat, but from my research
    on YT it seems the Venue has more scope for acoustic sound improvement

    Would you guys recommend that I install the Baggs Anthem..? to have all Baggs gear setup

    The Anthem or Anthem SL..? what is the difference..?

    Thanks for any replies and Best wishes for Christmas to everyone

    Merry Christmas


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    Ok... I thought it was worth a try for some helpful advice from this site. but by looking at the post and the % of replies
    it seems to be a pot luck situation

    Never mind - All the best to everyone for Xmas

    Kind Regards



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      Hey Alan,
      I apologize for the late response.

      The Venue DI works well with all Fishman pickups. It has a gain range of +6dB-+28dB, so it accepts anything from low output passive pickups to high output active systems. The Parametric EQ makes the Venue an amazing tool for adjusting your tone. I use it with my Anthem system, and in my opinion, nothing beats it for live use.

      I prefer the Anthem SL to the full Anthem, but that's just me. The full Anthem has a Phase Inversion button, a Battery Check, a Volume control, and a Blend wheel. The Blend wheel allows you to blend back and forth between the mic and the Element pickup, in frequencies over 250Hz. The lower frequencies are always carried by the Element in order to maintain resistance to feedback.

      The Anthem SL (Streamline) has a preset blend where the mic always carries the mids and highs, and the pickup only carries the lows. It also only has a volume wheel, and an end-pin preamp. I prefer this system because it is a little bit lighter and I usually use the mic side of the blend anyways.

      Again, I'm sorry for the delayed reply.

      For faster responses, you can email me directly at [email protected].


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        Thank you Caleb,

        I'm grateful for your response and very helpful post.

        I do like the battery warning light etc, but it's a lot more to pay, why not include the battery warning light on both models

        Surely it's a basic requirement especially as everything is designed to be hidden within

        This helps me a lot

        Happy Christmas

        Best regards



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          The SL has all of the Preamp circuitry built into the endpin, rather than the soundhole control. So without making the control any larger or heavier, our Engineers decided to make the control unit as minimal as possible. Those features definitely come in handy though.