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Best pickup for a Gibson SJ-200

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  • Best pickup for a Gibson SJ-200

    I have a Gibson SJ-200 and I'm wanting to put the best possible pickup in it that can accurately reflects the live guitar tone. I've been really impressed by what I've seen with the Anthem pickup. My question is would it fit in my guitar? And if not, what would be the best option for a pickup for that guitar. Money isn't an issue with getting a pickup. I do enough live playing that it's worth getting the best possible sound out of the guitar. Any help would be more then appreciated.

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    As far as I know, the Anthem fits the SJ200 just fine. I haven't talked to anyone yet who has had any issues. The Anthem would definitely be my recommendation too. I love that system.


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      Would it be worth waiting for the Lyric to come out? Or is the Anthem still the best pickup for the SJ-200?


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        It depends on your playing situation. Do you play with a full band, or more as a solo guitarist?


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          what if it was with a full band?
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            The Anthem is naturally more resistant to feedback, so I usually recommend it for band situations. Especially if you don't have as much control over the sound system or monitor setup.

            The Lyric can be setup to work in just about every venue, but it does require a little more control. Something like the Venue DI is an excellent tool to get the most our of the Lyric.


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              ok i see, thank you Caleb
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