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Anthem with iBeam preamp - possible ???

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  • Anthem with iBeam preamp - possible ???

    I've got a Composite Acoustic GX guitar that uses an iBeam system.

    It's got Element piezo and Ibeam pickup with an IBeam Mixing System.

    I'm just wondering if I can hook up the Anthem and replace the IBeam pickup ???

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    The Anthem Tru-Mic requires a type of phantom power in order to work. The iMix system doesn't provide the necessary power to use a mic. So the iMix won't work with the Anthem mic. Aside from that, the preamp in the Anthem systems are specially tuned to make the mic sound as good as possible while rejecting feedback. So using the Tru-Mic outside of the Anthem will yield poor results.


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      So it is a true condenser and not an electret ... so if I use the Anthem's preamp, will it size up to the mounting holes already made for the Ibeam system ???


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        Unfortunately, the Stage-Pro Anthem is smaller then the iMix that was installed in the CA guitars. So it won't work as a replacement. Unless for some reason you have the internal iMix. Do you?