I'm working on a electrified dobro, that sports a humbucker close to the fingerboard and a piezo (Fishmann Nashville) in the bridge. I'm using the Ctrl-X to combine the two signals.
The humbucker is wired to a 500k-ohm volume pot. There is no further tone pot or pickup selector switch.

Now here my two questions:

1) How shall I use the orange wire pair (from circuit board and toggle switch) and the white wire (from toggle switch), that normally (in a strat) runs from the output of the 5-way switch.
Do I have to solder all three wires to the CW Lug of the volume pot?
In a testrun with the elctronics only, I tried different possibilities, and It seems, that there are different ways, that work. Which one is right?

2) I realised that when I toggle to piezo only, I can still hear some of the humbucker when I tap on its pole pieces - although it's much quieter than in the middle or the humbucker only position. Is this normal?

Thanks a lot for your input!