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    To my ears, awesome

    Originally posted by Caleb_Elling View Post
    The Lyric's output is a little lower than undersaddle pickups, in general. I'm glad to hear that you are liking the sound so far though. I'm interested to hear your thoughts on how it sounds through a full PA, which is really where the Lyric does it's best work.
    I played at an open mic. The guy who runs it (Steve) was interested in my Lyric and helped me with the sound. I came in with the presence control centered, for the most part. He said that, on his Fishman PA, he felt he had to lower the midrange EQ a bit. To me, it sounded fine either way, but he's more experienced so I went with his suggestion. We didn't have a chance to fiddle with the onboard presence control so he did everything with his mixer.

    Later on, I asked him if he'd play my guitar at the end of the evening so that I could hear it from out in the middle of the floor. He agreed and, once again, we fiddled with the mixer's EQ. This time, he had me boost the bass a bit and lower the midrange. The guitar sounded amazing when he played it. To be fair, most folks liked the way the guitar sounded with the under saddle Fishman, too, in previous weeks. But, for sure, he and I agreed that the new pickup sounded more like a guitar. Sweet.

    He also got a kick out of the way the body sounds were amplified. He said he had to be more careful about tapping the body. That took about 10 seconds to do, though and I'm sure what I heard was intentional, restrained tapping to go along with the music.

    Tonight, I'll get to another couple open mics with different PA's. This time, I may move the presence control to give the guitar a bit more treble ahead of time. I'll work with my own acoustic amp at home and then check out how the PA's handle it. My guitar isn't rosewood; it's mahogany. I had assumed that mahogany, naturally, would have had reduced bass. Steve wanted more bass and dialing that in on the mixer was easy (and I didn't have to crazy with the adjustment...just a small boost).

    There were no feedback issues but we didn't really have the volume cranked. Normally, I had used a sound hole plug. I hope not to have to do this again with the Lyric installed. I'm sure that if I were to try to insert the plug, the volume control would come off. The only way I could do this would be to cut out a section of the hard rubber that would otherwise come in contact with the control.

    At the end of the night, Steve suggested that I try out his LR Baggs box (possibly a Para DI). He said it was the best he'd ever used and that he'd let me borrow it for a bit. I'm looking forward to trying it out. One can never have too many toys.


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      Thanks for the breakdown! I'm sure that this will help other people get a good idea of what the Lyric can handle in the "real world".


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        Hi i have put a lyric in to my larrivee D03

        The sound is not very good bécause off amp système (direct in soundcard and monitoring)and IPad mic.....
        For you what is the best way to amp the lyric? Spécific amp for acoustic? PA ? Using venue or para di with amp or PA ?
        Other way? Excuse me for my english......
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          In my experience, the Lyric sounds the best with a preamp like the Venue DI or Para DI, played through a full PA system. Amps and smaller speakers can limit the range of the acoustic guitar's frequency response.


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            Do you think that acoustic amp for home and small gig with DI outpout for PA in other case will be a good compromise?


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              That would definitely work. I prefer a dedicated DI so that I don't have to take my amp everywhere. A DI out from an amp will give you a good signal to the board, I just prefer the sound that I get from my Venue DI. It's really just a matter of taste at that point. Although the signal from the amp will always sound less "full" as it will through the PA.


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                thank's for your answer.
                The best will be to have a good acoustic amp and a para or venue Di....
                I have to test different acoustic amp whith lyric...anyone does it?