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    RE: anthem mic/pickup

    I can't find info online for the following:

    1. difference between the "Anthem" and "Anthem SL"
    2. the manual implies that there is a pickup mounted under the bridge saddle, is this correct?
    3. where is the battery located and how hard is it to replace?

    If buying a new guitar, does installation of anthem void the guitar manufacturer's warranty?

    thanks for your considered reply in advance,

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    The Anthem has some added features which aren't included in the Anthem SL (the SL stands for "stream lined.") The biggest difference is the ability to mix more piezo into the overall signal. Both systems use our undersaddle pickup to carry the low frequencies (up to 250 hz,) and the Tru Mic to carry everything above. The Anthem's mix control acts as a pan between piezo and mic in the 250 and above range while the Anthem SL's mix is preset at the maximum amount of mic. It is important to note that the undersaddle is always carrying up to 250 hz in both systems. In addition to the mix ability, the Anthem has a battery check and a phase inversion. A lot of luthiers place the battery either on the neck block or on the back of the instrument out of sight from the soundhole. The battery is easy to replace during a string change. I have never heard of a pickup install voiding a manufacturer's warranty, but I would check with them to be sure.



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      I just took posession of an acoustic bass guitar, custom made for me by a local luthier. I bought the Anthem SL and had him install it. I shopped around for pickup systems and settled on the Anthem SL after talking to a tech at LR Baggs. Unfortunately, I was unable to find and play an acoustic bass guitar that already had this pickup installed.

      I was looking for something unobtrusive and inconspicous but also something that would work well with bass frequencies. I am impressed by the sound reproduction except that the don't seem to be getting much volume on the E string. I realize the mic only works down to 250Hz but shouldn't the piezo handle lower frequencies? I adusted the level control for less mic but I didn't hear a noticable difference. Acoustically, the bass has a very even sound across all 4 strings up and down the fingerboard. Plugged in the volume is even across the A, D & G strings but not so with the E. I'm afraid that if I use this live I'll end up with an uneven sound. I'm not sure what to do about this. Maybe use a preamp with frequency controls to boost the lows?


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        You may want to have your tech/installer check the saddle slot to make sure that it is free of any debris. If there are any splinters or other things in the slot, or if the saddle itself isn't flat, it can cause some string balance issues.

        That is the first thing to check for.