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  • Duet II servise manual

    I have a Seagull SM6 fitted with a Duet II pre-amp. Over the last year of so, I have had intermitted lack of highs. I have determined that the treble control does not respond - no change in tone. The mid and bass still works. I am an old electronics engineer having designed audio amps and radios, and think I could fix it if I had a schematic diagram and any other service information. Where can I get this from? Any help would be much appreciated.
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    Unfortunately, all of our circuits, new and old, are completely proprietary. So we do not distribute schematics of any kind. If you are interested in sending your preamp in for repair, we can definitely help. But we can't send out any diagrams.

    I hope you can understand.

    Our primary repair tech, Bryan, might be able to offer some suggestions if you would like to email him directly at [email protected].


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      Thanks for reply. I understand it is propriatory.
      Send it in for repair keeps me out of the band for too long (I get by by boosting the treble on the amp, but not convenient)
      Can you buy a replacement board, if so from where and how much.


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        Honestly, we haven't made that system in quite a while, and we no longer have boards left in our shop. So the only way that you might find a replacement is online, but even then, they are pretty rare.