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Venue F/X loop question

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  • Venue F/X loop question

    Hi there,

    Been using my Venue for over a year now running 3 pedals in front of the input with superb results. But now I am considering using the fx loop.

    OK, so I understand why one uses an fx loop in an amp, but what is the rationale for running my pedals through the Venue's loop vs. into the front of the input? BTW, the pedals are delay, reverb, and chorus, (and possibly a dirt pedal as well) if it matters. Thanks!


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    Hi Edward,
    The FX Loop is designed so that effects can be used with passive pickups. Passive pickups have a much higher impedance that many pedals are not equipped to handle. The Venue allows a Passive signal to be run through the preamp before going into the pedals in the FX Loop, effectively making the signal easier for the pedals to handle. If you have an active pickup (with a battery), you should already be sending a low impedance signal that your pedals can process without the need for an external preamp.

    So the advantage of the FX Loop is that it is after the Venue's preamp.


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      Hi Caleb,

      Thanks! That makes perfect sense now ...I very much appreciate your detailed response! BTW, totally diggin my venue!