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My Anthem SL quit

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  • My Anthem SL quit

    While playing through my amp, the Anthem SL stopped amplifying my guitar. If I crank everything to max volume, I can hear some weak, muffled sounds but nothing like the sound of guitar strings. I tested the battery - good - but replaced it with a new one, anyway. No help. Endpin was still tight. Tried several cables, a preamp with headphones and a computer guitar interface. No luck. My other guitars all work fine through the same cables, amps, etc.

    If I have it connected to an amp while removing and replacing the battery, there are popping sounds as the battery makes its connection so I'm pretty sure the preamp is getting power. I also reached in and jostled all the wires while connected and strumming a string and it made no difference. I also ran the volume and pickup mix controls to both ends of their travel and neither pickup was producing sound.

    Hope I don't have to pay the luthier to replace it.

    Will you suggest the best method to either troubleshoot further or replace the unit?

    Thank you.
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    Hey Doc,
    To clarify, do you have the Anthem with the Volume and Mix, or the Anthem SL with Volume only?


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      And roughly, how long have you had it?


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        It's the SL. I've had it less than a year.


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          If you email me at [email protected], I'll see if I can help you out.


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            Great service. Another happy customer. Thanks, Caleb.