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Shimming the saddle with the Anthem system

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  • Shimming the saddle with the Anthem system

    My luthier needed to raise my action to accomadate a set up for 13/56 strings. This required him to shim the saddle. He put the nylon shim between the bottom of the saddle slot and the under saddle pick up of my Stage Pro Anthem. There is a noticable reduction in volume and sensitivity from the under saddle pick up. I am thinking the shim should have gone between the pick up and the saddle. Which is correct. Would I get a better result in just purchasing a new Tusq saddle? Thanks in advance.

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    Hi Ed,
    Using a wooden shim would definitely work better than a nylon shim. I usually use Rosewood. Shims don't usually interact with under-saddle pickups very well, but a harder material should affect the tone much less. Getting a new saddle that is the correct height would be the best option, but trying a different shim would be a close second.


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      Thanks Caleb! Since I will be purchasing a new saddle, do you recommend bone or Tusq to get the best performance from the Anthem?Meaning clarity, separation etc...not too concerned with volume but more the overall sound quality. It is in a mahogany body/spruce top Larrivee.


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        I love Tusq, but it definitely has a brighter attack than Bone does. So it depends on what you want in the tone of your guitar.


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          Thanks Caleb,
          Removed the shim entirely and problem solved. I will replace the saddle for the new string height.