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  • SL Anthem feeding back

    I am very defeated by the feedback that is occuring from my new SL Anthem pickup. I have tryed everything including installing it into another guitar to eliminate the actual guitar being the cause. I run it through the Para DI into the mixer. I have tried the TruMic adjustment in every postition, all on right through to Full off. It does adjust but without the Tru mic on sound is very muffled and not so desirable, set it at half way and it will pick up your dijestive system! I have made sure to keep the UST wire clear from others and clear from soundboard from the point it leaves the underbridge.

    I have a GS mini Taylor acoustic that I tryed it in with the same results. This little Taylor comes with an optional 'ES Go' Passive sound hole pickup, so long as I run it through the Para DI this little Taylor 'ES Go' pickup does a fine job for its cost. After reading not a thing bad about feedback with the Anthem infact quite the opposite.....all raiving reviews, I am left feeling like there must be something wrong somewhere?. currently I have given up
    and just use the little Taylor ES Go pickup, it seems very resistent to feedback and powered through the Para DI it pumps out great Acoustic sound. My other big body acoustic I have to leave as a straight acoustic unless someone can give some advise on what is wrong, I am looseing motivation installing then uninstalling....strings off, strings on.... you know what I mean. However if there is sound advice that makes good sence enough for me to it again I'm there !

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    Hey Dunder,
    What kind of feedback are you hearing? Is it low frequency "howling" feedback, string sustaining feedback or high pitch (ear piercing) feedback?

    Also, have you tried switching the Phase Inversion on the Para DI?


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      Hi Caleb, thanks for your reply, I have tried the phase switch and did get improvement with less sensitive feedback.
      As to the Type of feedback sound I will have another listen and confirm but I think the howling is a good example...
      I will check and Get back to you on that. Any ideas? I wish I knew someone else with the same pickup setup to plugin and
      compare. Cheers


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        You can also try using the notch filter on the DI to cut the offending feedback frequency. Let the feedback ring out with the "notch" knob set to (-). Then with the G-A-D-B knob sweep back and forth until the feedback is notched out of the signal.

        Then you can bring the "notch" knob up a little to make the cut effective, but not so much that it kills your tone.