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A hypothetical Lyric question

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  • Caleb_Elling
    Hey Brent,
    The guitar's top, back, sides, nut, saddle, and everything else will alter the the amplified sound of the Lyric or Anthem. The mic is picking up sound from the top, but the sound coming from the top has everything to do with the things that you mentioned. We have actually done listening tests where the Lyric was placed on different guitars, recorded, and played back. The three people in the test were able to correctly identify each guitar by only hearing a direct recording of the Lyric.

    So the natural sound of the instrument that is shaped by a large amount of factors and materials, is very well represented by the Tru-Mic.

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  • psgwww
    started a topic A hypothetical Lyric question

    A hypothetical Lyric question

    The Lyric is microphone; it "reads" the movement of air in that tiny space between the underside of the saddle and the mic face.

    So... do the woods, shape, size and other characteristics of a guitar matter (to the amplified sound)? Have those elements that make up so much of what we hear (and feel) coming the the guitar and the sound hole even come into play by the time the Anthem and Lyric mics have done their job?

    Without doubt, these two gems provide a very authentic, amplified acoustic sound. But, would recordings of different guitars (with the same materials for bridge, saddle, pins and strings), of just the re-created sound coming from an amp or p.a., (and the player and all else being equal) sound exactly the same?

    Put another way, perhaps; Could you build a guitar with a quality saddle, bridge and bridge pins, otherwise made out of Formica or something, and have the amp'd sound good with a Lyric?

    With maybe too much time on my hands, I remain, faithfully,

    Brent (PSGWWW)