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Report: Lyric/Venue in a Live Church setting

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  • Report: Lyric/Venue in a Live Church setting

    I have had the Lyric installed for 3 weeks now in a Coco/Addi Taylor GS. This week was my first time however getting to use it in a full band setting on stage at my 300 seat Church. I have used many other systems in various guitars. I will just say that the systems are always some sort of dual source that included a piezo based element and a microphone. Most recently, for the past 2 years my main guitar included a passive dual source system mixed through a Pendulum SPS -1. My experience with other products and systems should account for something, right?

    Yesterday, after things were plugged in it took me all of 30 seconds to go from flat to a really nice sound even having to adjust levels to the sound board since the signal was too hot according to the sound man. The tone was a bright cutting live tone but still maintained an acoustic guitar quality to it. The integrity of the tone still held together when strumming hard. Usually, it is our experience that I try and get a tone that I like in the monitor then the sound man usually has to tweak it from there. Many times it comes back to me in my monitor with a sound that I don't like as much. This time the sound man left it flat on the board. Hmm? Can't complain about that.

    I have done a lot of testing at home through my Bose Model 2 in the previous 3 weeks in order to become familiar with it so making adjustments quickly as I set-up was easily accomplished. The bass knob was rolled off to about 10 o'clock. the two mid knobs were down to 9 o'clock centered around 400Hz and 600Hz respectively. The Presence and Trebles were up to around 1 o'clock. When not in band mode I am able to easily get a more solo acoustic sound with just a few tweaks.

    I was concerned by the handling noise and string squeaks. They seemed to be more apparent than any of my other dual source systems. I have learned to not fidget with my guitar and learned to play cleanly through all that. I specifically told my sound man to listen for that and let me know if was a problem or distraction. He was not at all bothered by that nor was I.

    The wrap: I love it. Nothing more to be said except I foresee a lot of acoustic gear going up for sale soon.

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    Thanks for the report! That is great to hear.