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Now that I have my Lyric....

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  • Now that I have my Lyric....

    Regular readers of this Forum (or at least Caleb, who has patiently answered my questions) know(s) that I'm a BIG fan of Anthem and that I've been asking questions about the Lyric even before I obtained one.

    GOT IT. It's installed in one of the best "factory" guitars ever produced: A Santa Cruz OM.

    So, NOW I have new questions (within the framework of a high customer satisfaction quotient).

    1. The Santa Cruz has a smaller bridgeplate than the guitar used to model the Lyric on the web site. In order to avoid having the Lyric crowd up against the string balls(!), we had to place it such that the ring in the center of the Lyric is ever so slightly off the bridgeplate (toward the sound hole). I think that the ring is simply the adhesive or attachment area. So, no problem....right????

    2. Despite the noise canceling technology, I still get a slight "wolf tone" at the low F# when the guitar is plugged in. This is easily dealt with by minor adjustments on my *L.R. Baggs Venue Pre-Amp.* But, could you supply some more info on the frequencies that are involved in the noise cancellation?

    3. The Lyric sounds a little "hotter" than the Anthem (louder with the same amount of gain). True? Or, is the OO sized guitar containing my Anthem just a quieter box?



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    Hey Brent,
    I'll see what I can do to answer your questions.

    1. In cases where the ring of the mic hangs over the bridge-plate, I usually recommend that the mic be placed behind the pins (away from the sound-hole), or off the plate completely in either direction. Because the mic is a PZM mic, it will get the best sound when on a completely flat surface. If you have zero issues with the sound, it's not a big deal-but if there is any "strange-ness" in the sound, moving the mic to a different spot might be the necessary thing to do.

    2. The "wolf tone" that you are describing is likely the guitar top's resonant frequency. Using the Notch Filter on the Venue to cut it out should allow you to play at much higher volumes without as much risk of feedback.

    3. The Anthem has a little lower output compared to some other systems. The Lyric should be close in output to the Anthem, but differences in guitar material and body style and size can make a huge difference in the output of each system too. So it shouldn't be anything to worry about.

    I hope that helps.