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What amps are you using with your lyric/ anthem?

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  • What amps are you using with your lyric/ anthem?

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this message board and glad to find it. I'm in the process of re-tooling my acoustic rig. I have a Taylor 812C with K&K western (pre-mini) pickups running into a Rane AP-13, powered by a Stewart PA-200, running into a Daedalus cabinet (S-82). I've enjoyed this set up despite it being a chore to haul around. I've also had to battle feedback with the K&K's and always had to be real careful not to stand to close to the Daedalus. My first move was to purchase a Fishman Loudbox Artist amp. I have 3 weeks to decide if I want to keep it per the return policy. I have to say the Artist map makes the old K&K's sound pretty good but the feedback is still an issue despite the notch filter on the Fishman. So I'm considering changing out the K&Ks. I'm pretty intrigued by the Lyric and Anthem pickups. I'm curious, those of you using these pickups, what amps are you using?

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    I use my Anthem through a full PA system. When I've played the Lyric, it was also through a PA. I'm personally not the biggest fan of amps, although your Daedalus setup sounds pretty cool.


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      For awhile I was playing small gigs with no sound system and the Daedalus was perfect. Even plugged into a house system it was nice having the amp to control my stage sound. Do you have a strong preference about the Lyric vs. the Anthem? I really like the sound samples I'm hearing of the Lyric. My concern is whether the feedback issue would be improved as compared to my K&K's. Any thoughts there?


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        I don't personally have a very strong preference, either way. I've used the Anthem in my primary guitar for over two years, and I've always loved the sound. I've played the Lyric on multiple occasions, and I was blown away at the sound I was getting live. I was playing with in-ear monitors, but it sounded like I was tracking guitar in the studio. I've played in other situations with the Lyric where feedback was an issue, but using the Venue DI's Notch Filter easily took care of that.

        The Lyric is more resistant to feedback than soundboard transducers like the K&Ks, so I don't think you'll have as many issues there. I really do recommend using a preamp with a good EQ and notch if you are using the Lyric. It just allows you to play at nearly any volume with much more control over your sound.

        The Anthem and Lyric have their distinct advantages. I think in a perfect world, the Lyric is a better sound, but in a lot of playing situations, it requires something like the Venue DI. The Anthem has a great sound, and it allows you to play in much louder and uncontrolled situations.

        I hope that helps!


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          That helps tremendously. This afternoon I dropped off my guitar for a fret leveling and setup (after 19 years it was due). I asked the tech to plug it in to get his opinion on my feedback issues. He said it definitely was more feedback prone than it should have been. He surmised that the small body guitar resonated at a frequency that was problematic for the K&K. So I'll give some more thought to what you shared here about the Lyric and Anthem options and hopefully make up my mind this week. Thank you!


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            I use the Lyric thru a Fender Acoustisonic, a Fishman 220, a Mackie PA, and a small Yamaha PA. Its all good.