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Anthem SL Question.... Tinny/Trebly...

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  • Anthem SL Question.... Tinny/Trebly...

    Hi all!

    First off, I'm a huge fan of all things L.R.Baggs and have had excellent experience with all of their products. I just had a question regarding those who have the Anthem SL...

    I just got mine installed in a Taylor 414 Rosewood and play all kinds of styles from worship to lots of fingerpicking. I opted for the Anthem SL since I saw so many reviews about how awesome it was and how great their sound was! I thought I didn't need all the features for the blending and all that.

    However... I can't seem to get a good sound out of it. It's all very tinny, and trebly. No bass whatsoever.. even with the screw adjusted all the way down (i believe lowering the gain of the tru-mic, correct?). It's as if I'm not hearing any sound from the UST. All mic... kind of a terrible tinny sound actually. And also, when I tap on the top of my guitar, I hear a lot of noise that I wouldn't normally hear from any other pickup system. Even when I'm just holding the guitar - I can hear ALL the noise from the guitar touching my body/clothes. I'd like to think that it was installed incorrectly in hopes that I could end up loving the pickup after getting it installed correctly... but I'm not sure.

    Any thoughts? Can anyone help me here?

    Also, I hear that the preamp is preset to 80% tru-mic and 20% element.. could that be the reason why I'm not getting my desired sound? Should I have opted for the full Anthem? And is it THAT much different? I'm kind of worried that I put so much money into this pickup system that might be unusable for me.

    Thanks in advance!


    I play through a PA most of the time... not an acoustic amp or anything else. I also don't use any pre-amp like the Paracoustic or the Venue.
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    It sounds to me like there may be an issue with the installation. If you aren't getting any bass at all, the pickup may have a issue too. Where did you have it installed?