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Shipwrights looking for advice on Venue DI

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  • Shipwrights looking for advice on Venue DI

    Hi folks, I just recieved my new Venue DI.........does anyone have any experience with this yet? I used it in a gig yesterday, my Taylor NS74 nylon string worked pretty well with it but my Taylor 810ce sounded pretty muddy.never could get a good tone.
    Seems the null has huge affect on the tone and I was never sure wher to set the mid freqs.
    Admitedly , I have't had it long enough to really learn it but was hoping for some advice here.

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    When it comes to EQ settings, there are almost always too many variables for anyone to make sensible EQ setting recommendations from afar. The tone shaping, especially the two sweepable mid-range bands, are something you're going to have to spend some time with to learn their effect on your signal.

    One thing you wrote that is a little alarming is that the Null filter had a huge effect. It's designed to place a deep cut on a very narrow frequency bandwidth but should not have a very noticeable impact on the overall tone.

    The EQ controls may have a less noticeable effect if the master output volume is set low. Set the output volume from the instrument and from the Venue DI at full for best results.


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      Venue DI

      Thanks Bryan,

      The volume was surprising. I set the volume on the guitar to 95% the gain on the Venue was set at approx. 60%.......with this I had to turn the volume down on the mixer,
      mixer was at about 25-35% which generally plugged straight to mixer the volume is between 75-85% depending on the acoustics of the gig.
      I found this a bit strange....a first time event....all other instruments & mics were set at the normal 75-85%
      Having stated this, I was plugged into the Venue via XLR to the back and XLR to the mixer..........had no volume control on the Venue......only the gain.
      Last night I plugged staright to my old Fender Twin Reverb via 1/4" jack to amp and tone was very good plus I had more controle over the volume.......was it a mistake to use that XLR on the back?
      Yes, I realize I must just play with the mids...never sure where to set the freqs.
      The null did seem to have an effect...........I turned it off completely through the second set on Sunday but have never had a feedback problem with the nylon string guitar...just that the nylon is much hotter and more bassy so the Venue was good to adjust the bass.

      If there are any suggestions, guides, whatever....I would appreciate hearing them. My band members already don't want me to use the Venue..saying it killed my tone and as I am not the band leader I am hoping to get a decent tone before I am forbiddden to use it.


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        Hi Shipwrights,

        If this is the unit that was purchased used from Musician's Friend, it could explain why it doesn't sound proper. The original purchaser may have returned it for the same reason and they turn around and re-sell it with no option for return or exchange.

        Please contact me directly([email protected] or 805-929-3545, ext.111) to make arrangements for testing and repair or replacement of that Venue DI.