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Lyric - distortion in treble

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  • Lyric - distortion in treble

    I recently purchased a Lyric acoustic mic from Things and Things in the UK. After fitting it I plugged it in I noticed distortion in the treble also in the lower register but to a lesser degree. I tried adjusting the presence control in small incriments - this improved things slightly but once chords were strummed only a muddled sound was produced. At some stages it sounds a bit like an octave pedal and detune pedal have been mixed in. I tried repositioning it around the soundboard and even tried in on the back like a Dual source but still distortion.
    If you have any advice it would be useful.
    A few months ago I fitted an Anthem SL in a 1970's J55 which worked great - clear, warm, woody tone.
    Thanks, Alan

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    Thanks for the post, Alan. I replied to the email that you sent me this morning.


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      Hi Caleb. Thanks to Strings and Things a replacement was sent on receipt of the original. Must have been a glitch with that particular unit. Fitted the replacement Lyric today in a Sobell archtop cittern (bouzouki with additional low D course) and it sounded good (the mic position worked better in a slightly less resonant area of the top). Also fitted an Anthem SL in a Foley bouzouki today. The SL would probably be the preferred option for higher volume work as it retains clarity when played hard.
      Had a Sam Irwin guitar in last week which had a split saddle. The customer managed to purchase a full Anthem unit from the Lowden factory. It didn't take too long to fit probably half the time was clipping all those wires in place.
      Are split saddle versions of the full Anthem and Anthem SL available through Strings and Things or would they be special order?
      Do you have a rough idea of battery life for a Lyric fitted with a 1200mAh lithium battery?
      Thanks, Alan


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        The battery life of the Lyric is around 220 hours with an Alkaline battery, but we haven't tested the specific voltage draw with a Lithium battery. So I can't say for sure.

        The Split Saddle Anthems aren't stocked by many dealers. However any of our dealers and distributors have the ability to order them. They are a custom product though.


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          Hello Al and Caleb.
          I am fully aware that LR Baggs don't currently have any product tailored to suit the Tenor Mandola (commonly called Octave Mandolin in the US), but this thread sparked my interest... as I am trying very carefully to select a pickup for my Ozark Tenor Mandola (OM). Floating Bridge with a 520mm scale length with a circle sound hole. I would be using it for band situations where a microphone is unsuitable.

          How well does the Lyric or Anthem work in a Bouzouki/Octave Mandolin? Are the bridges in these setups floating or fixed on the top of the instrument? If the instrument has a floating bridge does this pose as a fundamental problem if attempting to use either of these products?

          I have trawled youtube and various product sites comparing and sampling pickups for what feels like an eternity (ok so it was a few days) and am very underwhelmed by many of the various products available for this instrument. I honestly have a hard time coming at the sound of a transducer or piezo.
          In my search I stumbled across a video of the Lyric in a guitar and was amazed at how it captured a sound true to the character of the acoustic instrument (and less metallic/tinny/dead to that of a transducer or piezo). Surely a Tenor Mandola (OM) could have similar success? Unless I am misunderstanding principles of its' intended design use...


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            Hello Leddivah,
            The Anthem requires the use of an undersaddle pickup, so it will not work with most instruments that use a floating bridge. The Lyric, as a mic only system, doesn't have that restriction.

            We haven't tried the Lyric in a Bouzouki or other similar instruments here in our shop. However, I and others here have heard from a few customers who have tried it, and they have been consistently pleased with the results. So if your instrument has adequate space for the preamp, battery, and volume control, the Lyric might be a good option. But like I said, I can't recommend it on behalf of the company.

            So it's up to you.

            If you do install the Lyric, let us know your results. The Lyric has already gone far beyond what we imagined it would do for acoustic amplification.


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              I have recently bought 3 of you products the M1a, Anthem Sl Classical and the final one The Lyric Classical.
              The first two are great right out of the box, but the Lyric seems more difficult to get a good sound.
              I have the Lyric installed in a Bellido Flamenco guitar and at first I was using channel 1 on my AER Compact 60. I am hearing slight distortion on the the open G in particular, and in general at times.
              I have been giggling with it - a bit boomy.
              So cut to the chase, i now have it plugged in to the mic channel, sounds a lot better - i noticed the impedance and sensitvity on that channel is very different Senstitvity: 22mV(-33dbv) v 3.3mV(-50dbv), and impedance 2.2meg v 1.2k (mic ch is second in both cases.
              I dont know anything about it really but can find no specs re the lyric anywhere, could you explain?
              Also have repositioned the mic a few times could do with a few more sticky pads - any chance of getting some?
              Sorry its a bit long winded,