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Venue DI Distorting

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  • Venue DI Distorting

    Hey everyone, i'm new to the forum so please forgive me if this post is not in the right place.

    I recently purchased a Venue DI ( new ) from LnM in Vancouver, Canada and I have been having a recurring issue with it since day 1. The problem is that it distorts, now its not a heavy distortion, but its very present, especially on top of the tone of an acoustic guitar. Sounds like a low battery distorion, but i have checked time and time again, the batteries are good. I have played it through 2 different PA systems, and also through my fender acoustasonic Jr. with the same frustrating results. Btw, i play a GIbson J-45 with an Element pickup. I've used both the XLR and 3/4 inch out options, checked batteries in the venue and guitar, tried reducing gain ( although its never been close to peaking, tried to eq, make sure there is no additional gain form the PA or amp and have still come up short for answers. I've also tried different cables, ground lift, phase etc...

    The one thing that is kind of strange is that sometimes doesn't start to distort right away, but after you setup and everything seems good, it will begin to distort one you've began your set ( How convenient )

    The only thing I can think of is that I have a faulty unit, but I wanted to double check before I take it into the store and either return it, or have it replaced in hopes to solve all my distorting issues.

    Please help!

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    If you take the DI out of the signal path, does the distortion go away?