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  • L.R Baggs Gigpro

    I recently purchased the Gigpro to compliment my JJB sound board transducer and also to give it an active current to boost the gain:

    The Gigpro made the pickup come alive and it sound much fuller. My only draw back is the bass control. Not really sure how the Bass control and High Pass notch work together. My understanding is the Bass control-controls the 80hz and the notch controls the 10-200hz roll off. I always keep the Notch at about 160hz roll off. Technically speaking, this should roll off the 80hz Bass controls function automatically does not. I can still hear the 80hz being dialed down or up. Not sure how this is so. Is the High Pass starting path after 80hz?

    Regardless, the Gigpro is worth it. Cant say its on par with the Redeye but i cant see how it could do any better.

    I am debating rather i should replace the JJB with the iBeam. I used the iMix in a previous guitar and i was stunned at how accurate it reproduced my acoustic guitar. The iMix has the iBeam with it.

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    My bad, i was confused. Its not a High Pass filter, its a Bass trim.

    Does the "Bass trim" pin point the frequency while the Bass control boost/cut that frequency?


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      The Bass and the Trim controls function separately from each other, even though they can cover the same frequencies. The Bass works just like any traditional "fixed" EQ. The Trim is a 12dB cut that is movable from 27Hz to 200Hz. So you can boost the Bass for tonal purposes, and use the Trim to notch out an offending frequency without having to cut the entire low end.

      I hope that helps.


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        Does the trim start for 27hz on the volume knob side or Bass control side? The unit and manual do not show rather it goes clockwise or counter clockwise. There is no reference markings.

        Also, is the notch narrow or wide?


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          It's a narrow notch that starts at 27Hz (full counter-clockwise) and goes to 200Hz (full clockwise).


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            Thanks. Yeah i played around with the notch and figured it had to be a narrow notch. I recorded a strumming session into my DAW using just the straight pickup so that i could pin point what i needed to notch out in the bass arena. This way i could get a close call of what my audience maybe hearing. The unit does scoop the mids which is good. I still have to notch the 150-200k quiet a bit because of feedback purposes but luckly the pickup-picksup to much top 200k anyways.
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