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Venue DI fail

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  • Venue DI fail

    Hi all

    I've had the venue DI for about a year and am wondering if anyone else has had the same issue.

    I have occasionally had an issue where the tuner would not register the notes being tuned. Until last night, when I started looking if anyone else had a broken venue, I had assumed it was a problem with the pickup in my lowden ( as it's the only instrument I use on this pedal)

    I started looking up more information last night because during sound check the tuner completely failed.

    When I hit the foot switch, the signal does mute, but the tuner light does not go on and the tuner itself does not register.

    Is this a known issue? Is there a fix?

    Part of the reason I bought the venue DI was for the convenience of a built in tuner.

    Hope to find something out


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    The Venue DI's Tuner hasn't had any consistent issues that I know of. The Tuner is designed to turn off after about 90 seconds in order to conserve the battery. That shutoff is commonly thought of as a malfunction, but it is by design.

    If your gain is set correctly, the Tuner should be engaging when the Mute/Tune switch is hit. If the Tuner isn't reading any notes at all, you can email me at [email protected], and we can talk about repair options.


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      I have the same problem with my Venue DI. The tuner only works sometimes.


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        I also have issues with my Venue tuner reading notes. Its as if my input signal isn't strong enough. I am currently using a Fishman Infinity system.


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          Originally posted by Thump00015 View Post
          I also have issues with my Venue tuner reading notes. Its as if my input signal isn't strong enough. I am currently using a Fishman Infinity system.
          Where is your gain LED showing?


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            Hi, I too am having issues with the tuner on my Venue DI. I use it regularly at gigs and in church and have found that sometimes (around 1 in 8 or 9 times) it just doesn't register the signal. It mutes, but the tuner doesn't light or indicate that any signal is coming through whatsoever. Obviously this is a huge bummer, as one huge benefit to owning this DI is the fact that it has the tuner feature. I've troubleshooted every possible angle but the issue is the DI. I know this because I'll continue to strum and then suddenly it kicks in. Our church had purchased 2 venue DI's at the same time and both have the same issue. Our acoustic guitars are equipped with Lyric pickups and we use XLR outs from the DI to the direct box. Best quality cables are used all round as initially I thought it could have been the issue. The gain led is in the yellow and hitting red with very hard strumming.


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              Hey Neil,
              It does seem strange to me that both of your DI's are doing the same thing. Have both DI's had this issue from the beginning? I'm wondering if the ambient noise from the Lyric mic is confusing the tuner.

              If you're interested, I can have you send your DI(s) in for free inspection. Just email me at [email protected]. If nothing else, I can see if there's out of the ordinary with them.