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Perfect Compressor for Acoustic for me :)

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  • Perfect Compressor for Acoustic for me :)

    Hi All,

    I believe I found the perfect compressor for my Ibeam active. I wasn't looking (though I was looking hard a year ago) but found it by surprise.

    What works for me is the Aphex 1404 Punch Factory Optical Compressor. Got it initially for my electric guitar but the Aphex advertisement on the box said for use with electric, acoustic and bass instruments. I was intrigued but didn't expect much. So I tried it out, rented a studio for an hour and did tests at home. I was blown away. I think the secret is the frequency range of the unit, 10hz to 30khz. Set it just right, you can't tell its there but it is there. Its very unobtrusive and no "suck". No tone degradation or change as far as I can tell.

    A con? One. Using my acoustic (Ibeam active) into the Aphex, into the Venue DI, DI out to the board. When turning on the stomp, there is a pop. No big deal for me, I can turn on the Venue's Tuner/Mute first before switching the Aphex on, no prob, also I plan to use the Aphex on all the time anyway.

    I have now ordered one more unit, dedicated to my acoustic.

    How about for every one else? What compressors do you use?