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Para Acoustic DI: Loose input jack

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  • Para Acoustic DI: Loose input jack

    I've got a couple issues with my LRB Para Acoustic DI. First, I can hear a screw of some kind moving around inside. I'd like to take it apart and see what exactly is moving around in there. Second, when I connect an XLR to the DI Out, the cable wiggles a little and it causes noise in the signal. So, on a stage, the vibration from people moving around causes it to make noise.

    Does anyone know how to take these things apart? There are two screws on the bottom but removing them doesn't seem to do anything. I'm wondering if there are more screws underneath the foam padding. Also, any ideas about the input jack problem?

    UPDATE: After taking a closer look, it looks like one of the screws that holds the DI out jack in place is the problem. One side of the jack looks a little lower than the other. I tried tightening the screw but it doesn't tighten. I'm guess maybe the nut on the inside has come off of the screw and that's what moving around. It's also probably why the cable doesn't sit down tight in the jack. Looks like I need to figure out a way to get this thing opened up.

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    FIXED IT. Two of the bottom screws were covered by my velcro. Took it apart and the nut had come off of one of the DI out screws. That fixed everything.