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Para di 1/4" OutPut Fail

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  • Caleb_Elling
    Have you tried testing the 1/4" output at home or in a controlled environment?

    There may be an issue with the jack, but that information doesn't say too much as far as a consistent issue. Testing the 1/4" output and the XLR with various cables and settings would give a lot more insight into the issue that may be occurring.

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  • jim10
    started a topic Para di 1/4" OutPut Fail

    Para di 1/4" OutPut Fail

    Using a Dobro brand round neck resonator with a factory loaded Fishman passive pickup. I've used the Para di 3 times thru the house sound system with the Dobro. 3 different venues. Twice it worked great and once i got nothin. The two times it worked was with the xlr out to the house. The time it failed was 1/4" output to house. Any ideas?