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Lyric Volume control falling off?

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  • Lyric Volume control falling off?

    I just had a Lyric installed on my Griffin OM. It sound great! I am using it directly into a Fishman Loudbox 100.

    But...the volume control keeps falling off when I adjust the volume on the guitar. And I am gentle while doing that. The double stick tape doesn't want to hold it.

    Any suggestions? The installer suggested Elmer's glue as it won't harm the guitar. Good suggestion? Or does someone have a better idea?


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    Velcro? ...I'm more asking than suggesting. I did read somewhere that this might work. I am curious because I ordered a Lyric and am waiting for it to arrive. I wondered about the possibility of using Velcro so as to reposition the control should I decide to use a sound hole plug. The plug I have fits very tightly (I have a Guild GAD40CE) and I thought it might interfere with the control, maybe even dislodge it. This would not be such a big problem with Velcro.


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      Hey Charley

      I have both the Anthem and Lyric in 2 different guitars which both use the same controller. I installed both myself and found that I achieved better results by using 2 pieces of the tape stuck together. Seems to make better contact since the sound hole edge of the controller has a lip on it. I've never had any problems with the piece falling off.
      Do make sure you clean the wood on the inside where the tape attaches to the soundboard. I use an eyeglass cleaning wipe. Some use rubbing alcohol and there are products on the market for that very purpose that I have not tried.



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        Lyric volume falling off

        Hi Kevin,

        I am not sure what you mean by two pieces of the tape. Are they congruent and you are making it thicker? Or is each piece sticking to the guitar in a different place?




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          Hi Charley

          I am sticking 2 pieces together to make it thicker. The pieces are shaped to fit just inside the sound hole. Hopefully you have enough extra pieces. If not Baggs will send you some extra.



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            If anybody needs any "factory" adhesives at any time, just shoot me your email and the name of the system that you have. I'll get you a complimentary set in the mail.

            [email protected]