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X-Bridge vintage or standard: do they have the same "range"?

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  • X-Bridge vintage or standard: do they have the same "range"?

    Hey there,

    Do the Vintage X-Bridge and the Standard X-bridge have the same range?

    I m talking about the pitch range between the note of an open string (say a G on the G string) and the lowest note produced when the bar is fully engaged (pressed down to the max).

    I m about to get an X-bridge to install on my Strat HM to replace those impossible double-locking systems (Kahler Spyder with 2 poles):
    - since the distance between the 2 poles is not standard, i m gonna have to drill new holes for the new bridge.
    - since the body is routed around and below the Kahler block, i m gonna have to fill it up with wood.

    I therefore can choose to fit a Standard (2 poles) or a vintage (6 screws).
    So my question before purchasing is: is there any difference besides the poles?

    Thank you.

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    By design limitations, the Vintage has less range of motion due to the standard screw configuration.

    The US Standard bridge can be set up to have movement in either direction. So it would naturally have more range. It won't have nearly as much movement as a Floyd Rose though, or something that is designed for a wider range of motion.


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      Thanks for confirming Caleb, i thought so too.

      As far as construction goes, given the important string tension involved, and since i m going to have to fill up the original Kahler pole holes and drill new ones, do you think one system (6 screws or 2 poles) would be safer to install than the other one?

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        The 6 screws would be the safe bet. However, if the holes are filled well, it shouldn't make a difference.