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  • Lyric Ambience Question

    Can anyone from LR Baggs, or perhaps someone who already uses the Lyric in a live situation comment on the amount of stage ambience that this mic picks up? Specifically, i'm wondering how it would fare in situations where the acoustic is part of a band that also consists of live electric guitar amps, live drums etc.

    Is this mic / pickup better suited for acoustic music or can it hold its own in a rock situation without making the sound guy's job more difficult?

    thank you!

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    Hey Ted,
    I've played the Lyric with a full band a few times(drums, bass, electric guitar, keys), and it definitely did better than I had expected. I did need to use the Notch on my Venue to cut out the guitar's resonant frequency, but after that, I didn't have any issues. I think the Venue DI has everything that you need to make the Lyric work well on most stages.


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      thank you, that's what I wanted to hear!