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Lyric Pickup Sounding 'Hollow'

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  • Lyric Pickup Sounding 'Hollow'

    Seeing as this pickup gets rave reviews - I may be doing something wrong and need advice!

    I have an 814 Brazilian Taylor that sounds really good unplugged and mic'ed (so I know it's not the guitar). I placed the Lyric exactly where the manual said to, I've adjusted the presence control, but I'm still getting a very hollow sound. It's not big and full like the Anthem is, and it sounds totally different when I mic it with a studio mic (which I'm assuming it should sound more like the studio mic, anyways).

    Can someone please give me any suggestions about this? On regular computer speakers, it's harder to hear what I'm talking about, but through studio monitors and my Bose PA, you can REALLY hear it.


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    Hey Chip,
    Is the mic sitting completely on the bridge plate, or is there any part of the mic that is hanging off of it?


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      The guitar is a Taylor with the expression system. The mic sits about a half inch or so above the expression system (pretty much right at the X-Brace.) There is no part of the mic hanging off it.



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        What do you mean by "half an inch ABOVE the expression system"? Is the mic not mounted directly to the bridgeplate?

        Professional installation is highly recommended for a product like this. If you can't get it to sound right, you might consider taking it in to a professional shop.


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          Yes, the mic is on the bridge plate - along with the expression system (which is disconnected.)

          I'm not quite sure I know what you mean by 'Professional Installation.' Sounds a bit condescending since you have no clue who I am, or my experience in installation/repair.


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            I didn't mean to be condescending in any way, so I apologize. I've unfortunately run into a string of "home installers" recently, and have needed to recommend having the system double-checked by an installer who has had previous experience with the product.

            Again, I apologize for the tone. I didn't mean it to come across like that.

            As far as the 'hollow' sound, are there specific frequencies that you feel are missing (midrange, bass, 500Hz, 2kHz, etc.)? Or is there a lack of "punch" or other quality that you are missing?


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              No problem man - I probably just read it wrong, on top of my frustration with this mic

              It sounds to me like the mid range (maybe upper mid range) is just blasting, and everything else is just dead sounding. I can probably take a quick recording with it and post if you'd like to hear what I'm talking about.

              Thanks for your help!


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                If you get a chance to record it, I would love to hear it. You can email me at [email protected] too.

                Have you adjusted the presence control to both extremes? If so, what was the resulting tone on either side?


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                  When I installed my Lyric in my Guild GAD40C, the first time I used it on a PA, the guy helping me said he felt the midrange was too hot as well. I was a bit concerned. He set the PA's EQ to get it to where it sounded really nice. I think I had the Lyric's Presence set at the mid point. Next day, I set the Presence a bit higher. Went back a couple weeks later, same guy, same PA, and he had the PA's EQ flat and claimed my guitar sounded just fine. So, he either got used to the sound or the Presence made that kind of a difference. To my ears, both sounded pretty OK.

                  Same guy, but using another PA system, was helping me set up. He fiddled with the PA's volume. I told him that I couldn't tell that the PA was working at all. I just heard my guitar. He smiled and said, "Well, then I gues it's working." So, if it sounded natural to my ears and sounded good to his, it's a win-win.

                  I'm pleased.


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                    The presence control does effect the mid-range to a degree, and a lot by contrast. So I'm glad that you got it dialed in.

                    The importance of the presence control cannot be over emphasized.